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What I have learned Since Graduation

In 2017, I was sitting in dental school months away from graduation with $430k of student loans listening to financial planners talk about different types of insurance, student loans, investing, and whether or not to buy a house.  A moment of panic arose as I wondered how I was going to navigate the next 5-10 years of my life to set myself up well financially while still balancing family, emotions, health, religion, and recreation.

My goal is to share with you my journey and thoughts to help all recent dental and medical school graduates navigate the crucial 5-10 years following graduation.  I do not claim to know it all and much of my journey has changed along the way as I have adapted and applied the new knowledge and experiences I have obtained.  My main focus is to provide information and insight that can alleviate some of the stress regarding your student loans and financial situation.  Since you are probably in a similar situation, I am sharing my experience to give dental/medical students and recent grads empowerment to more efficiently set yourself up for financial success! 

About Me

I am a recent graduate hoping to share with other young dentists what I have learned during my transition from dental school into the real wold of dentistry.  I am married and have two boys.  I graduated in 2017 as a part of the inaugural class of ATSU-MOSDOH.  I am currently practicing as a general dentist in Oklahoma.


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